Robert Medford

Hello, I'm Robert Medford. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI I have grown to have a ever longing crave for beer and cheese. Being that Wisconsin is known for its beer and cheese it no wonder I have grown to love both. In 2011 I moved out of Milwaukee with my wife at the time. Come October 2012, I took on a job with a traveling sales and marketing company which relocated me to San Diego. After just a few short months in San Diego I was promoted to be the Director of Retail Promotions for the Mid-Atlantic market. That is how I eventually landed in Maryland where I am now. I have been working as DJ since the age of 14 where I started out as a DJ for the local roller rink. Ever since I have been DJing for a variety of full-time and freelance positions. I now primarily work with a DJ company based here in Frederick MD called Shew-sical Entertainment Services & Wow Event Lighting. I have been DJing with them since March 2017. My current primary work falls into IT. I am the owner of a MSP (Managed Service Provider). Being a MSP means that I never know what I'll be working on from day to day as we I focus on preventative measures to be proactive on ensuring systems are functioning optimally. Although proactive, that doesn't mean that a system wont crash or fail and need to be repaired or replaced. We currently have over 100 private customers of witch consist of residential end users as well as small businesses and a private school that has 9 campuses that I provide dedicated service to. I have been doing IT full-time since November of 2017.

Get service NOW, Pay Over Time!!!

We’re proud to be partnered with Square and be able to offer our clients the ability to get service NOW and pay over time. We know that sometimes your technology simply doesn’t work and well, it may be hard to stomach that repair bill. That’s why we are proud to announce you can sign up …

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

You wake up one morning and start prepping for work. You grab your coffee, your laptop and you’re out the door. Once at work, you pull out your computer, turn it on, and… wait, it’s not starting up. “It was working fine just last night!” you think to yourself. You instantly begin to freak out, …

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About Robert Medford

Hello, I’m Robert Medford, better known as Robb. I’m the Lead IT Consultant and Technician for Robbs Digital Media. I’m based in the Frederick, MD. Being a transplant form the wonderful city of Milwaukee, WI. I have many hobbies, of which, tinkering with technology has always been one of them. I’m often asked, how I …

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Hardware Drivers

So, we’ve all been there. Reinstalled our operating system back to factory settings and not all our hardware seems to work quite right. Well, the reason for that is simple. Drivers, all hardware that connects to your computer needs something called a driver, that is a software that tells the computer how to manage that …

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