About Robert Medford

Hello, I’m Robert Medford, better known as Robb. I’m the Lead IT Consultant and Technician for Robbs Digital Media. I’m based in the Frederick, MD. Being a transplant form the wonderful city of Milwaukee, WI. I have many hobbies, of which, tinkering with technology has always been one of them.

I’m often asked, how I got started in IT and fixing computers. So let me fill you in. 

Robert Medford

I started learning about computers as a kid, my aunt worked at the local community college and was assigned a work computer for use at home. Every other year or so when she would get a new computer, she would hand down her old one to me after the campus IT wiped their data from it. Sure, she gave me a working computer, but I was determined to figure out how it worked. I would intentionally break it and dis-assemble it just to put it back together to get it working again. I found it fascinating to see how it worked, discovered what components did what. I quickly learned I wasn’t so good at putting it back together or fixing it. As time went on I gradually got better and better by trial and error, as this was before the days of YouTube and Google. By the time I turned 15 I knew enough about computers that my friends and family had started turning to me for my “expertise.” 

Although I didn’t start my career path down the road of IT and computer repair until much later in life. I continued learning about technology and the workings of computers and networks. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I got my first job in technology, working for a company that developed mobile phone apps. They are now a loyal customer of mine.

I quickly progressed from doing basic data entry to managing projects, to finally taking on an entire mobile app for indoor wayfinding (GPS for inside buildings). I worked in some of the largest resorts in the US to deploy an indoor GPS app that helps hotel guests navigate their properties. In 2017, after just over 2 years with them, I decided it was time for a change of pace. I gave up my full-time job with benefits to work for myself, fulfilling my dream being my own boss and working with technology. I have to admit, it was scary in the beginning. Now in 2020, I am still doing what I love for the company that I built from the ground up. I now provide computer repair (break/fix support) as well as 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management for over 150 clients. I guess I can say I’m doing alright.

If you’re looking for a smart, flexible, responsive IT guy who doesn’t make you “visit our office” call, text or email me directly! I’ll come right to you at your location within our service area. All my direct contact information is listed below. 

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