Data Protection

Data protection is a term we all hear and only some truly understand. It is important to protect your data, not only to keep it safe, but to keep it backed up. What would you do if your computer crashed, wont come back on and lost all your data? Sure, you do a data recovery, BUT, what if you had it securely protected and backed up on the cloud? What if your entire computer could be backed up and not just your data, YES, your entire hard drive and NOT just your personal files. well, YOU CAN!!! There are services out theresuch as Drop Box and OneDrive that allow you to backup your personal files. But there are also products that allow your IT team to be able to image your computer to almost exactly as it was just moments before to crash happened. This is total data protection. You could be back up and running in hours and have everything the way you were used to down to your desktop wallpaper.

RDM-MSP is a provider of this technology. We can backup your entire computer and you only pay for the storage space being used AND only you and your support team have access to it through our secure cloud portal. Call RDM-MSP today to find out what we can do for you to secure your data and ensure you will be protected in the event your system crashes