Hardware Drivers

So, we’ve all been there. Reinstalled our operating system back to factory settings and not all our hardware seems to work quite right. Well, the reason for that is simple. Drivers, all hardware that connects to your computer needs something called a driver, that is a software that tells the computer how to manage that hardware and what the hardware is capable of.

Think about the last time you installed a new printer on your computer. remember WAY back when, you know, in the 90’s and early 2000’s when printers came with a CD and software to install. In 2019, most computers, specifically laptops, don’t have a CD Rom or “optical drive” which means packaging a CD with that new printer is pointless. But, you don’t want to have to try to find the drivers and software and install things you don’t need or necessarily want on your computer. So, there are ways to bypass trying to find it from the manufactures website.

I suggest using a piece of software called Snappy Driver Installer or SDI Tool

Snappy Driver Installer

What the SDI Tool does is pretty cool and simple all at the same time. It scans your computer to see what hardware is connected. It then checks the driver firmware to see what the latest version of the driver is, compares it to the version installed. Once the scan is done it tells you which devices need updates. You see a full list of the drivers available, it shows you what is recommended and lets you choose which drivers to install. You can choose to install only the recommended updates.

Downloadthe SDI Tool Now to get all your drivers up-to-date and running properly without all the baggage of their manufactures software bundles!